The Kids Are Alright

As the Texas State Men and Boys Choir ramps up its efforts to audition, develop, instruct and showcase its Boys Choir, already working in the organization is a small but talented group rehearsing, recording and performing as the TSMBC Prep Choir. The group has considerable talent and a work ethic well beyond their years. “We […]


Raisin’ the Roof in the Stockyards

With over 80 invites to our first fundraiser assembled, addressed and mailed by choir members and staff, the odds of a successful evening were already looking pretty good. And as the evening played out, it was indeed a huge success for the growing organization. Billed as a “Country Dinner & Fundraiser,” the June 25th event […]


Leading by Example

The leadership of the Texas State Men and Boys Choir works as one when it comes to defining and fulfilling the mission of the choir. Executive Director Gary McGrath, Touring Conductor Steve Stevens and Mens Choir Director Alan Buratto each bring to TSMBC decades of storied accomplishments in choral organizations of all sizes. And having seen the […]