The Kids Are Alright

kids-choir-rehearsal2As the Texas State Men and Boys Choir ramps up its efforts to audition, develop, instruct and showcase its Boys Choir, already working in the organization is a small but talented group rehearsing, recording and performing as the TSMBC Prep Choir.

The group has considerable talent and a work ethic well beyond their years.

“We see how much they put into being here and exploiting this opportunity.” adds Executive Director Gary McGrath. They’re more than just voices, their personalities and energy is precisely what makes a youth choir so special.”

As state-wide auditions take place throughout this fall, TSMBC leadership, with it’s decades of international experience,  knows what it will take to become a member.

“When I visit schools, churches and other music programs I let them know  exactly what type of student, personality and musical energy we’re looking for,” adds McGrath. We know not only because of our past accomplishments but because of the young people we’re working with today. They’re the model.”

To learn more about upcoming auditions, read our FAQ on the Auditions page. To get in touch with TSMBC leadership about your son’s participation, contact us today.

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