Boys Choir

Prep-rehearsalAs we pursue the mission to provide a structured environment for the development of a world-class professional choir of boys, so many elements are coming into place. First and foremost we had to develop a structure of expertise in the “boychoir” realm, and we certainly have assembled that team in our staff and artistic advisory participants..

Essential elements of this development are artistic training and accredited academic education, as well as instilling in each boy a sense of his place in the world through self-discipline, building self-confidence, etiquette, patriotism, and personal appearance. The Choir is dedicated to being an active member of the local arts communities through performances and by developing boys who as adults will perpetuate an appreciation of the arts in their community, as reflected in the Men’s Choir, all members of which were choirboys in their youth.

The Choir also will provide the opportunity for national and international performances as a professional-level touring organization and ambassadors for their communities abroad.

For more information on what is needed for your son to be a part of this organization, please go to the audition page and review the Q&A. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Boys Choir Staff:

Gary McGrath, Executive Director
Alan Buratto, Mens Choir Director
Steve Stevens, Touring Choir Director

If you would like additional information about upcoming performances, auditions, donations or any other detail, please feel free to contact us.