Leading by Example

The leadership of the Texas State Men and Boys Choir works as one when it comes to defining and fulfilling the mission of the choir.

Executive Director Gary McGrath, Touring Conductor Steve Stevens and Mens Choir Director Alan Buratto each bring to TSMBC decades of storied accomplishments in choral organizations of all sizes. And having seen the boychoir art form at its highest levels around the globe, they all agree, the opportunity to grow this organization is one they cherish.

“The chance to impact the lives of the members by blending their talents in a top-rate ensemble is pretty special,” Said McGrath. But bringing that magic to audiences throughout Texas is something that’s building a loyal and engaging following. We have fans, and the response has been amazing.”

So how important is strong leadership for a boys choir? George Bragg, founder of the Texas Boys Choir once said “The teacher’s basic inner spiritual force gives strength and power to the student’s desire for knowledge. It is the teacher’s organized knowledge and his ability to impart that knowledge which should show the path toward these virtues of greatness. It is the teacher’s visualization of the completed student as he begins, which will, by reflected thought and action, lift the pupil upward to greater heights.”

The choir is indeed fortunate to have at its core such perspective, and on its risers a growing roster of talented performers.




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