So You Love to Sing?

It doesn't matter where your inspiration, at TSMBC we believe music is like a force of nature. We'll show you how to channel your music into great performances.

No matter where your inspiration comes from, at TSMBC we believe music is like a force of nature. We’ll show you how to channel that energy into great performances.

Both of our choirs are evolving at rapid paces in these early days of growth, and that means there’s a place for everyone who wants to audition.

There are different procedures for the different choirs, but we explain all that here on the website and can answer any additional questions you have with a simple phone call.

The Mens Choirs holds auditions in September and June each year, and the Boys Choir auditions by appointment. The Boys Choir also hosts an active summer development schedule, so consult our Events and Auditions pages for schedules and answers to your questions.

Regardless, this is your time to shine and become a part of what will be one of Texas’ and the United States’ premier choirs.